costly [kôst′lē, käst′lē]
costlier, costliest [ME: see COST & -LY1]
a) costing much; expensive; dear
b) at the cost of great effort, damage, sacrifice, etc. [a costly victory]
2. magnificent; sumptuous
3. Archaic lavish; extravagant
SYN.- COSTLY refers to something that costs much and usually implies richness, magnificence, rareness, etc. [costly gems ]: it is often applied to that which it would cost much in money or effort to correct or replace [a costly error ]; EXPENSIVE implies a price in excess of the article's worth or of the purchaser's ability to pay [an expensive hat ]; DEAR implies an exorbitant price or one considerably beyond the normal or fair price [meat is so dear these days ]; VALUABLE, in this connection, implies such great value as to bring a high price [a valuable collection ]; INVALUABLE suggests value so great that it cannot be appraised in monetary terms [invaluable aid ] -ANT. CHEAP

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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